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    • Arch4ngel Participant
      3 April 2018 at 15:24 #2794

      Hey guys!
      Because our forum is still empty, I decided to start with some conversation.
      Every day our community rises. From time to time I’m entering LOCO2 discord server and as I see most people are there regularly (in conclusion I think we’ll create a strong forum too 🙂 ).
      This topic I’ve created for everyone to introduce a bit and in fact get to know our community 😉

      Let’s say a few words about your journey with old LOCO. How long have you been playing? What experience did you get? etc.

      I’m Michael. I’ve started playing some time before LOCO: Evolution has been revealed and ended 1 month before It got closed.
      The map I spent 75% time of my playing was Sanctum of Barghus (I hope spelling is good). One of my favourite champs was the Fox Lady (Ellan was great too). Since the end of LOCO: Evolution I have been looking for any similar game, however, I couldn’t find any that well made ;).

    • Yoichichi Keymaster
      12 April 2018 at 18:02 #2812

      Thanks for topic and hopefully when game released later all members in here.
      For now, we using discord sudden news/status and fun.

      And you do see my about from home page. :p
      I do not need to tell “This really my dream game so played in 1-2 years”. xD

    • Savvas Participant
      29 August 2018 at 00:58 #3512

      Hello!!! its me.. Savvas the old VMB/NOSFERATUS im waiting all this time!!! 33 days left O_O

    • Piwu Participant
      5 November 2018 at 16:40 #3812

      Heya, I have been lurking here but hadn’t made an account on the forums before.

      I’m SiyahPapatya from pre-evolution, had lead a few famous Turkish guilds and was one of the top players in rankings.
      Mostly played Minity / Stella / Lacrimosa, I’m very happy to see that these characters are the ones being worked on the first!

      Been seeing many old names on the Discord server, makes me very excited to fight each other again after a decade!

      Used to love the 8v8 arenas and Collesium of Glory, hope to have similiar modes being added to the game!

      I’m here to stream and help anyone that I can, as the community is not that big but very supportive and friendly. Hope to see you in game after release and play with you!


    • Kinnazim Participant
      5 January 2019 at 05:11 #3941

      Hello!’ i’m ancious for LOCO 2 . COME ON <3

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