Hello everyone,

Before the release, I would like to talk about out the item upgrading system.

When playing a match every character has a unique set of starting clothes and stats from the start. (This will include weapons.)

When you level up, 2 different points are given to you. One of them is for stats and other one is for upgrading your equipments.
Your items can reach up to level 3. (Including shoes,helmets,hands,body and weapons)
And your stats can reach up to level 5. (Including HP, DEX, INT, WIS, MP, STR, CON, STA)

I showcased the items on the video below. (Without the hair)


Some of the items that you see in the video is white that is because doing this by myself is not easy and I didn’t have the time.
I am trying my best to make LOCO better then before.

And you can see my work from the picture below:


Thanks for reading !


Translated by Haluk Aliev

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