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Smash Jump Strike

Jumping to attack for Target if successfully increased Crit rate by 20%
for 4 Seconds, but it also When CC’ed you failured buff and increase cc time %10


Ice Sword Dance

When activated and damaged target, Decreased Target Movement Speed 50
for 7 Seconds, and Along in effect increased the piercing 100.

Holy Sword Dance

Ritualistic dance, herself in a protective holy power makes Immune to skills
for 7 Seconds.


Fever Dance

Stella dances for a moment, Increase attack speed by %15
for 30 Seconds.


Flame Dance

Stella channels the elemental force of fire into her blade directs it into her enemy
igniting them and dealing 20 damage per second
for 6 Seconds.


Darkness Dance

Stella channels the power of darkness into her blade
forcing it into a distant enemy, stunning them for 1.1 Second and dealing
50(+0) damage


Forest’s Protection

Stella surrounds herself with nature’s embrace,
decreasing the damage dealt to her from her enemies attacks by 12%
for 10 Seconds.


Poison Dance

When her attacks cut into the enemy, the poison has a 45%(+0) Chance
to infect their body, if successfuly dealing 50 damages per second
for 5 Seconds.


Dance Of Ruin

Stella enters a state of extreme focus, becoming entranced in a blade dance and
swinging her swords around her at an incredible speed causing
60(+0) damage every for 15 Seconds, but it also cannot cast spells or activate items.


Asura Dance

Dance with the power of Asura to increase physical attack by 60% for
25 Seconds, but it also reduces your defense by %10



Using game engine: Unreal 4
Game Page:
Offical Page:
PC Specs: A10 7850k Processor
GTX 1050
Game Graphics Settings: All Ultra


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