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Can’t use Auto-attack after using decoy & clone ult. Temporary fix for it is to use any other skill, then you can use auto attack again.
Status: Fixed
After locking on your target with Tab, there should be a way to switch inbetween other targets…
Status: Changed increased sensitive mouse for switch locked targets.
Can target your team member, and get stuck on it XD
Shop UI doesnt fit on screen, hence can’t buy items
You can heal over your max HP!
The test water sounds are still there around Forest of Nature!
Status:No longer available
The tower HP’s are wrong. The HP bar of left tower is shown on right side, and the tower on right is shown on Left
Hibachi’s range is too long, she can destroy towers without even getting hit and outrange them!
Status:Decreased range limits: 6000>3200


Base’s do not attack, and cant be destroyed!
Status:Nature/Purgatorium Base system has been renewed. Note: Can not targetable or triggers some skills. From big or static AI. (without towers.)
The difference between your basic attacks shouldn’t be that much! Sometimes hitting by 50, sometimes 100, thats almost double and not even crit! Should lower the gap inbetween
Status:Reduces max attack power ranges 100 to 60
The chat gets stuck on screen, and can’t click through to upgrade skills!
Status:Changed to new chat systems
Got to add HP bars on Mobs and Players
Status:Player hp bar is already have. minions and other mobs hp bar added.
Make stamina be recoverable while walking, at a slower rate like %30 maybe?
Make HP recoverable while walking, atleast by 1 every sec, or 5hp per 5 sec? Same for mana
Status:Already have, increased renew hp rate 0>1
Networking sync problems:
Skills if same any other players when pressed it all players is happening active cooldown
Shop items are not visible.
Skill bars with pressed hold+alt cannot see any info or cannot drags


Creeps/Minions do not attack Base!
Status:Can now attacks. But experimental.
The Jungle boss spider can get bugged, and have a VERY LONG range to use poison attack, it was hitting me in middle lane when i didn’t even go near it! XD
Status:The jungle test, spider has been renewed.
Can’t set Volume or Resolution even if i change it with E, and the menu sometimes bugs and i got to reopen it.
Status:Sometimes the ALT key could trigger. fixed.
The Ranged mobs(skeleton archers) get hit by 20-50, while melee minions get hit by 45-100…
Status:Minions damage changed. Range= 50-20 to 40-35. Melee= 100-45 to 30-25
Note: damage increases after each spawn by 2+.
Cant close the game on login page or lobby. Need exit buttin functioning
Sprint/running used to be activated by double tapping W, now you got to press shift. Maybe add the option to activate it by double tapping W
Status:Added. but its experimental.
Guardian mobs are missing infront of Bases(cyclops and silvermoon beast) so are the other 4 protector guardians in city
Status:Added. and experimental.
should make Esc button to open up menu and settings, not E
Status:Changed. Why i did to E key: Because when pressing the “esc” with Game engine editor, its shutdowning game and server. So i cant press. When build “exe file” i can change the keys.
cant cancel queue once you start it.
Status:Now cancellable but experimental

After alt tabbed in game cursor cannot hide.
When alt tabed in lobby music instant volume down and ready sound not work..
Status:Added,(When you alt tabed and match is ready the ready sound now plays.)
On lobby cannot open Settings.
Status:Now can open
Add graphics settings with auto detects for first game.
Tutorial words have slow animation
Status:Decresed, every add characters 0.05 to 0.01

+Fixes: Now Base Guardians are able to attack. Base Guardians will no longer be immune if 1 of the inhibitors gets destroyed. You can destroy enemy base by slaying 4 Base Guardins.
+Fixes: Item limitation. (In previous patches you could buy as much as items you want. Now it’s fixed. You are only able to fill your item slots.
+Fixes: Minion AI update.
+Added: Deserter System
By this update whenever a player misses the AFK check in lobby, gets removed from the queue and a 10 second penalty. This feature is added to maintain the quality of game experience and to avoid spams.

Fix: We made some changes about death mechanics.
-You are no longer able to use your skills and attack when you die.
-You wont hang in the air when you die while jumping.
Fix – You will no longer be experiencing following errors:
– Quit Confirmation window is not closing when users press ESC.
– When users rejoin the game they can’t find their characters. (Characters are spawning on the middle of the map)
– Matches last forever. They don’t end properly.
– We made a change related to the problem that causes skill window not to open.
Note: Those changes are in the testing phase. If you find any bugs about the fixes above, please report.
Added: Gamma settings.

Happy new year!


Minity, Lair and their friend and who was wandering in the forest Foxlady, together are already started to celebrate the new year :Cheer:

I hope you have a great year!

It was predicted that the game was going to be published in the end of 2018. But it was postponed due to some delays in my plans.
Won’t happen this time
While you’re celebrating your new year I’m trying to speed up the process. I made some optimization fixes and made improvements on fluency.
And i fixed some bugs that are listed below:
– Devil Base Guard and Nature Base Guard’s invisible hp bar problem is solved. Their total hp is reduced by 40%.
-Gamma setting wasn’t working, now it is working.
-KeyBinding system is reconfigured. I can say that it is perfectly working now
-When Hibachi’s invisibility ends, turrets can attack her again.
-The AI errors caused by Inhibitor Guardians are fixed (Still experimental)
-Minion NAV solved the problem of not moving in some areas.
And now here comes the new features of this very update:
+K/D/A system is reconfigured. Shots, points and gold rewards are added for kill scores.
+You can see the remaining time for their revival when an enemy dies.


Stella, Partizan, Lacrimose has been added closed costume “Galaxy in the labyrinth”.
Only best donators can have this item. (Or can buy)
Support our project and win.


Hibachi 6th skill has been reworked.

Hundred Poisons from Hell > Shadow Fury

Teleport to the enemy using the cover of a smoke grenade and attack with a poisoned weapon to inflict instand damage as well as damage over time. > Teleport to back of the enemy using the shuriken and attack sensitive point makes stun 1/1.2/1.4/1.7 Seconds.

MP:90/85/80/70 > 80/75/70/60

CD:19/18.5/18/17 > 23/22/21/20

-Added character database
-Hero Manage changed design and functions
-Login system changed (now works server side. nonpossible hack or change data)
-Added character select slots.
-Lobby design changed (Added real time function in game)
-Added character opening animation and effect
—-In Game—-
-Added party ui
-Changed damage ui (for more optimize and clear)
-Changed character spawn functions (Like LoL ingame spawning players)
-Cannot use any skill in Player Spawn location.


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